awaken, to true self

“Be — don’t try to become” ― Osho


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In today's monologue, I explore further the work of Thomas Merton this time bearing on the subject of contemplation. But more particularly, I'm inviting you to look at your own unique experience to se...
September 23, 2018
In today's monologue, I share a few thoughts on the notion of true self as articulated by the late Thomas Merton. If you need to consider further my work, please check out Patreon, Ko-Fi and my blog. ...
September 16, 2018
In today's podcast/monologue, I share a few thoughts on why work is more important than another day at the office, or taking home another cheque etc. If you'd like to follow my work on Patreon, here'...
May 20, 2018
In today's monologue I talk about our connection to our creative self. Blessings Julian
May 2, 2018
In today's monologue -- and sorry for the absence -- I share a few thoughts on what's really going best I know.  Take care Julian
April 29, 2018
In this week's monologue, I share a few more thoughts about how, through our work (i.e. Art), we move closer to true self. Here's the link to my Patreon page if you're interested. Take care, Julian
March 5, 2018
In this week's monologue -- shorter than normal -- I talk about my creative journey and what it means to open our hearts to something more than work. Here's Bukowski's book -- if you're interested. Ta...
February 26, 2018
In this week's monologue, I share a few thoughts about the idea of freedom and what it actually means. Take care. Julian
February 19, 2018
This week's monologue explores the idea of True Self and our relationship with our thinking. Here are the links mentioned at the start: My Patreon page "The Open Secret" by Tony Parsons Take care. Ble...
February 12, 2018
In this week's monologue I explain why I've decided to cut the Gordian knot on social media and invest more of my energy in creating work closer to my soul. Take care. Julian
February 5, 2018

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